When you are coming to our clinic for the first examination, providing preliminary information by calling +90-242-5194433 or contact ing through would help you to be examined quickly on arrival to our clinic. In the first examination, the first question to be asked will be “what is your complaint?”. If you could note your complaints such as pain, bad breath, bleeding, aesthetic problem, etc. and communicate them to us in full, it would be effective on the correct diagnosis and treatment. Bringing previously made radiological examinations such as periapical, panoramic, dental tomography, etc. to the first examination will be to your benefit.
Do you have any medical diseases? (For example heart disease, blood pressure disorder, diabetes, etc.). If you have any, please write them and your medications to the patient form to be given, when you come to our clinic. Please bring our medications with you, if necessary. Please indicate special circumstances such as pregnancy.

In the first examination, after taking films such as panoramic X-rays of our patients, if necessary, in our clinic, they are fully examined, and accordingly, the treatment plan and alternative treatment plans are prepared and information on estimated duration and cost calculation of the treatment are given. After the first examination, when you decide to start the treatment, your first appointment will be given. After this stage, we will continue to work with appointments, excluding some control and simple procedures. Coming to your appointments on time is important for our workflow. In important situations that you will not be able to come to your appointment, please inform 1 day in advance. In the event of coming late to the appointment, if there is another appointment afterwards, a shorter procedure may be preferred. Those, who are younger than 18, must be accompanied preferably by their mother or father in the examination.

Oral and Dental Health Care Fees: We do not deem fit to give prices on the phone or without examination because unique treatment of each patient is possible by one-to-one oral examination and auxiliary examinations such as X-rays as needed. On the other hand, as a result of examining panoramic films to be sent to, a treatment plan to be finalized in the first physical examination is prepared for our patients from abroad in terms of diagnosis and treatment planning. With this plan, information on the overall picture, average treatment duration and cost is given. The payments can be made in cash or by credit cards. Payments of the procedures to be completed in one visit are collected at the end of the session.

Our working hours:
We have winter and summer hours.
In weekdays 09:00-18:00,
Saturdays 09:00-16:00 and closed on Sundays.
In summer, our working hours may be extended
until 19:00 in the evening.
Outside the working hours between 18:00 – 22:00,
you can contact us at +90-505-3302266.

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